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Our Company and Our Plants

Thunderwood Farms is a wholesale perennial operation.  We specialize in plants that perform well under the intense heat and humidity of the Southeastern United States.  We offer a unique line of moderate to high end perennials, many of which are drought resistant or tolerant.  We are dedicated to providing you with perennials that exceed your expectations of quality and sale-ability. We carefully choose our cultivars to achieve dependability in our plant list by selecting plants that have been bred for enhanced performance whether that is in the form of improved pest or fungus resistance, heat, humidity, or drought tolerance, or  prolonged blooming seasons.

ready to ship perennials from Thunderwood Farms
Our Plants

In order to offer the most in demand plants when you need them, all of our plants are seasonally grown.  Each plant arrives with a large picture tag in a round, terra cotta pot.  Pricing & bar-coding are available upon request.  Please order in full trays.

We proudly offer 4 sizes in our perennial line.

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